Inversion A.K.A. Gears of War Rip Off Review

Inversion takes place in a modern day setting where an alien race called the Lutadores try to take over the world and enslave mankind forever but of course our ex marine heroes Marcus and Dom.. I mean Davis and Leo prevent that from happening. Of course that can’t be the only story chunk of the game it had to set itself apart from Gears of War somehow. Leo is David’s best friend who wants to help Davis and apparently, has nothing to do. Leo always mentions that he’s helping him out for other reasons but he never tells us why he does. The game doesn’t tell us his backstory at all. Our hero Davis wants to find his daughter that’s missing, there’s a gravity mechanic in the game. Sadly, this is the only story I can really describe to you guys because they didn’t really care it was mainly focused on combat specifically. This is a very boring and repetitive combat oriented game and that’s all it is.

         Our two main heroes David and Leo are more bland than their actual names. The voice acting for this game is incredibly typical and lazy. There were some moments where I thought the dialogue could have been really good for a particular cut scene but they had to go down the lazy route and just do their lines like they don’t care. I ended up skipping a lot of cutscenes because they were just so boring to watch and had no life to it. I didn’t see a reason to keep watching them, they were just so uninteresting. Speaking of cutscenes, this game has a lot of them! I kid you not every five minutes of the game a cutscene begins, even after every fight too. People were complaining that Resident Evil 6 had a lot of cutscenes, this game definitely wins the prize for that. Like I mentioned earlier, the cutscenes are extremely boring so the fact that the game throws you one every five minutes makes the campaign extremely hard to play because it’s so uninteresting. Also mentioning character development, I didn’t see any with our two main heroes at all. I didn’t feel like I cared about them at all or had a reason to care about them. The game didn’t try to make it seem like we should really care about these two people for life or death.
           Let’s move onto the real part that I’m sure you guys are interested in really reading about which is the combat! Now, this is your typical third person shooter if I had to compare it to something it would be a mirror image Gears of War, so players that already know that series will be right at home with Inversion. You can only carry two primary weapons at a time with of course a choice of a grenade. The weapon change menu looks identical to Gears of War too! They couldn’t even make the assault rifle look slightly different either, they just had to copy the same one from… you guessed it… Gears of War. Most of the time, the game is pretty fast paced, there’s  nothing stealthy about this game. You can expect to be doing practically the same thing for about five hours straight. Shoot.. cover.. grab ammo.. this is what you’re doing for the whole campaign. You use your standard weapons which is three assault rifles, three shotguns, rocket launchers, and two snipers. Not a whole lot of weapons at your disposal but these weapons are somewhat unique enough to make the game it’s own thing. Shooting the weapons are a blast, the impact they make feel pretty satisfying. This is probably the only thing in the game that made me keep going to the end.
             There is a gravity mechanic in the game called the, “grav link” that does make the game stand out slightly. In this mechanic you can shoot a bolt of energy towards your enemies and then for about fifteen seconds or so, your enemies will be in the air not being able to move. You can freely shoot them without them being able to shoot you back. You can also use the grav link to grab items that come off of the wall or ground when you shoot. You can throw cars, gasoline tanks, rocks, just about anything really which is pretty cool. Also, when you get to the middle of the game your grav link gets upgraded which then will allow you to have a shield around you that lasts for a long time. I think that the grav link is an awesome idea but it’s really cheap to use because your enemies are really vulnerable when you use it, which makes the game pretty easy. Of course I didn’t play the game on easy difficulty I played it on normal. That’s why I didn’t use it that much only in situations where I really needed too.
           The environments are really bland in this game, you’re pretty much going to see the same thing over and over again until you get to the end of the game. Environments include broken buildings and huge holes. This basically sums up what you’re always seeing for the entirety of the game. They don’t even look good either graphically. I have a pc and was able to play this game on the highest settings and even playing on high didn’t make this game look good. Although with the game having bland environments, what you do with the broken environments however, is the worst part of the game. From time to time there will be certain gravity moments I like to call them when you’re just running around clearing enemies, the environments will start to go into gravity for a long time. Pretty much broken parts of buildings are flying everywhere and you yourself are flying with it so you need to traverse around so you can get to solid ground again. You pretty much look like a flying ballerina girl doing these cute spins to different broken building parts that are flying through the air. Sometimes enemies will come after you so it just looks like this hilarious flying combat game that never was.
              Enemies look extremely funny flying around to different cover and plus they’re more vulnerable for attack so the flying segments of the game are pretty useless. They didn’t even make it clever or cool, these sequences involving the gravity I personally don’t think this game needed those gravity moments at all. It slowed the game down and wasted my time. I’m also very disappointed that the developers didn’t spend more time improving these moments because they could have been really cool and unique. Sadly the developers of this game were too lazy to make this game unique at all. They should call this game grenade simulator because that’s all your enemies will do to you for the entire game. They just hurl grenades over and over again every single fight. They also throw it at the exact location you’re at which forces you to get out of cover all the time. Enemies are pretty smart for the most part. They will try to flank you at any cost and be merciless which is good because it gives the game challenge. I died a lot during my playthrough surprisingly so the game does put up a challenge. Your partner Leo does a great job actually being your support for the game. He gives you tips and actually kills the enemies like a real person would. He does however get annoying because he’s constantly talking.
           Boss fights are by far the worst and I mean worst part about this game. You’ll be fighting three different bosses throughout the entirety of the game. Not only are you fighting only three bosses, you’re going to fight each boss about four to five times again and again in the whole campaign. I was so disappointed that the developers forced you to fight the same boss over and over again and the next time is not any more different than the last time you fought him. This is absolutely lazy and I cannot believe that anyone thought this was a good idea. It makes this game even more repetitive than it already is. These boss fights aren’t even fun at all, there is no fun way to kill them or at least make it even challenging at all. There so standard that it’ll only take you about three minutes or so to beat them. I was just so furiated at the fact that they made you fight the same boss over and over again.
         For a game trying to be a unique triple AAA title would just be the worst thing anyone can compare this to. This game is a huge slap in the face for consumers. It’s a horrible game that has a boring story, boring characters, repetitive combat, shooting galleries like no other, and they had the balls to sell this game for sixty dollars at one point. I couldn’t review the online multiplayer portion of this game because no one plays it anymore and believe me, I’m not surprised. Maybe this game was just meant to be an online experience more than being remembered for its crappy campaign. The fact that this game also tries to be like Gears of War is also demeaning because it’s not even a good tribute to that series. I picked up this game for about four dollars on a steam sale and even then I don’t feel like this game is justified for even paying four dollars. They should have made this game a free to play game because I just feel so disgusted. It was an incredibly boring campaign that lasted me about five hours in total with an ending that’s not even worth mentioning because it was so disappointing. So if you’re reading this and are ever thinking about playing this game because it looks “cool” please save yourself the money and time. I rate this game a 2 out of 10.  


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Review (PS4)

This game was simply amazing. Words cannot express how beautiful this game is not in terms of design but by all the hard work they put into making the graphics for this game at the highest they can be. This games looks GORGEOUS seriously! I never thought that a game that looked so good would pull me in and actually make my experience better. I had this game originally on my PS3 so in terms of graphics they really beefed it up, especially at a smooth rate of 60 fps which makes the game even more incredible. Now what’s different on the “definitive edition” you might ask, well, pretty much all the DLC that was added to the original is now on the disk so you don’t have to download anything, that DLC includes multiplayer maps and characters to choose from, and also Lara gets some costumes that you can change her in the single player which was a really nice change because her being in that tank top for the entire game is just ridiculous, plus in the in game cut scenes you can see her in her new clothes and not what she’s “supposed” to wear which is a nice edition. Aside from those two things that’s pretty much what your getting out of the definitive edition, nice graphics, previous DLC, and that’s about it. Although, since your playing the game on PS4 you’ll be using the pad more often if you want to look at the map which I never did to be honest cause you can just use your instinct mode to show you where to go. Also for some reason, the idea of voice recognition was added into the game because… why not? If you have a mic you say things like “show map” “Hand gun” “Bow,” just a bunch of things you can say that makes things I dont know… easier? I never really used it, although it does work responsively which is great but I honestly thought it didn’t need to because Tomb Raider isn’t that kind of game that needs it but I guess its a new edition. Also the little speaker you have on your controller basically emulates every thing you can hear around the game, shooting your gun, going through water, stepping on rocks, explosions, I honestly thought it was so annoying because it was something you could have just heard from the TV and select sounds should have been put into that mini speaker instead of everything you do, it got annoying at some points so I just turned down the speaker on the controller, although when you picked up artifacts Lara would explain them and you can hear it from the controller which was cool, also when someone called you from your radio you can hear it from the controller too which was awesome because it just was cool. Now to the game play, if you played games like Uncharted and Assassins Creed, then you’ll love tomb Tomb Raider because there’s lots of action and climbing in this game. Game play goes two ways in this game, you can either kill people silently with your bow or go crazy with your machine gun and shot gun and kill everyone in your  path, its up to you in the end. The game does a great job with providing shooting galleries in a way that’s fun and not repetitive. Also you’ll be in huge areas sometimes so there’s lots of things to do in the game. The game is massive and it’s open world. Lara will use things like her bow and tools and fire to help her get through the ruined environment that surrounds this abandoned island. Now, you only get 4 weapons in the game, yeah I know that sounds pretty lame but you can upgrade them to become really good. You’ll have your bow, shotgun, machine gun, and pistol. I honestly thought there could be more weapons in the game but I still had fun with just these 4 weapons to be honest. There’s no cover mechanic too in the game. No “Press X or A to cover” Lara does a great job of doing it herself which is good and it’s not clunky either. There’s many side activities you can do in the game such as exploring new tombs and gaining the artifacts that are in there, these can be really fun because they last up 10-15 minutes if you can solve the puzzle and then you are rewarded with an awesome artifact that gives you a lot of exp to upgrade your skills, but sometimes these puzzles can be really simple and easy especially since you have your survival instincts ability.. Yes, there are skills in the game that come in 3 categories all with different things to help you become the warrior or survivor that you want to be. Now, I want to talk about the survival instincts ability that Lara has, pretty much this survival instincts ability allows Lara to point out things in her environment that she should use, so when your doing a puzzle it pretty much shows you what to do, not all the time but it does, plus it shows you where to go when your stuck in the campaign which is nice. The A.I. in this game is pretty smart for the most part and man they’ll kick your ass if your not ready to fight, I played the game on normal so they were pretty good for the most part but man do they love through Molotov cocktails and dynamite as you’ll see it was really annoying. I beat the game in about 9-10 hours because I just wanted to continue more and more but sadly, even if you did explore everything and went through all the tombs it would only last you probably 12-13 hours in total which to me for $45 was not worth it. I had a blast playing through the campaign and the reason why I didn’t talk about the story is because it’s really not great, it’s just Lara and her buddies crashing on an island, creepy island people believe in a spirit and takes one of her friends as a sacrifice, you have to save her, you save her, the end. The voice acting was really good though so props to them for that. Multiplayer wasn’t that great either to be honest, I mean I guess it was a nice edition but it’s not that great compared to the single player. This game was amazing, it was the best looking PS4 game that I have played so far and I cannot wait for the sequel. I give this game a 9/10.

-Amazing Graphics GORGEOUS in every way
-Game play that never got old
-Awesome open world and fun costumes
-Fun puzzles to solve

-Only limited to 4 weapons
-Short campaign
-Online Multiplayer isn’t that great
-Survival instincts ability can be cheap

Limbo (PS3) Review

All I can really say is… wow about Limbo, this game is simply beautiful in every way possible. I’m a big fan of 2D puzzle plat former games and I’ve got to say, this is by far one of the best 2D plat former games I’ve every played. With simple controls of just being able to push stuff, press buttons, and jump make this game a pleasure to play from the very beginning. A game that lasts probably at around 8-10 hours make this game worth it. That is, if your like me this game will take 12-14 hours because you can’t figure out certain puzzles in this game. Yep, this game is FULL of tricky puzzles that make you jump for joy once you figure out the puzzle. Some puzzles make you have to fight for your life or you die in consequence, that’s when the game can get pretty stressful sometimes is when your trying to solve the puzzle right there and then while trying to think of a way to keep yourself alive. The entire game is in black and white, some people might be turned off by this but personally I love the idea of simplicity and Limbo isn’t a happy game, it’s pretty depressing and could be considered depressing at times while walking as this unknown protagonist who we still never know his name or how he got to where he did in the first place, if your like me you’ll question a lot of things but it’s just an arcade game so I’ll cut it some slack haha. Dying could possibly be something your going to get used to as Limbo is one of those, “O, hey! New area sweet! Hey what’s this? “Death from huge boulder that came from the sky” kinds of games. In conclusion, Limbo is a beautifully crafted game with no flaws and I hope that Playdead makes another plat former that plays a lot like Limbo because that would be amazing. I rate this game a solid 10/10, Perfect score! 🙂

-amazing atmosphere
-simplistic game play
-creative and fun puzzles

Dark Souls II (PS3) Review

You know your playing a Dark Souls game when you see the words, “YOU DIED” on the screen millions of times. Well, that’s Dark Souls II in a nut shell for you, but when your not dying your having an amazing time fighting awesome bosses, co-op with your friends online, and a really satisfying challenge. Although, some people might be put off by the difficulty of the game, yep, sorry folks, there is no “easy” option in this game. Every where you go in this game is going to be the scariest if not the most unfair place you’ll ever visit in gaming history, (Yes I know there are harder games out there) but this game is going to kick your ass a lot of the time especially if your a newcomer, If your new I’d highly suggest starting out as the warrior class because he’s fast and he’s pretty strong. Anyways, the story for the game is… well personally I don’t know because it’s a really huge story with lots of background that I just do not know. What I do know is that although this game can be amazingly fun, it does have it’s draw backs that I’ve noticed since coming back from playing Dark Souls. They recycled some bosses from the first Dark Souls game which is seriously lame because they’ve made them harder which is fine but also it’s just not cool to recycle the same boss again, (Yes I know they attack differently but still) plus in this game you’ll be running into boss fights so frequently now as compared to the other games. It’s not a bad thing but I do like to explore a bit around. Multiplayer is really smooth in this time around, I found myself having a much better time teaming up with a buddy and killing bosses then fighting them myself, it’s great and it works perfectly, and things can get pretty interesting once invaders come into your world too. Yep, people from around the world can come into your campaign at any moment and kick your ass if your not strong enough. Anyways, I loved this game, I’ve had so much pleasure playing it and I cannot wait for Blood Bourne. I rate this game an 8/10.

-Great Cooperative Multiplayer
-Awesome loot and gameplay
-Boss fights can be really fun

-Recycled boss fights
-Invaders attacking you at low level (which blows)
-Frustration may get the better of you and make you wanna quit the game